children's book picture of Martha angrily baking

Martha, Martha

I often feel that Martha gets a bad rap. After all, she’s just trying to cook up something amazing for Jesus. But she turns into a stressed-out hostess, trying to make sure it’s all perfect, but poisoning the atmosphere with her grouchy attitude… that sounds a lot like me in the hours leading up to a daughter’s birthday party. If you haven’t witnessed that scenario, firstly be thankful, and then secondly (re)acquaint yourself with Luke 10:38-42.

She works hard, she gets grumpy, she complains to Jesus, and Jesus tells her to chill out.

Anyone else identifying with Martha here?

I hear the rebuke, the redirection towards peace and connection, but I’m still left wondering, What about dinner? Who’s going to take care of that?

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How to manage a million tasks

OK, I can’t promise you that, but I have got a principle that can help.

If your home is anything like mine, there are a million little jobs that need doing, and they just keep on coming. We can try and manage all that by just chipping away at them here and there, multi-tasking, squeezing in jobs wherever we can… but that’s exhausting.

Multi-tasking is a myth by the way – it doesn’t make you more productive, it just makes you feel more productive. Really you’re constantly switching between tasks, and all that switching takes mental time, and a lot of mental energy. (Not convinced? Read more here or here.)

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How to avoid the dreaded toy aisle

I hate the term “life hack”, though I’m not too sure why. Perhaps because it’s one of those modern constructions that sound so important when really previous generations were getting along fine without. And perhaps because it feeds into that myth that there’s somehow a better way to be doing everything, and it’s all the same way…. like that phrase “parenting (or whatever) done RIGHT” that I see bandied around on the internet. There is no RIGHT here, people.

Possibly I’m just a bit oversensitive to this because I’m resisting my innate urge to do things RIGHT. I’m a 1 on the Enneagram, and I am constantly looking to improve. This is a soul-wearying task when it’s playing out unhealthily, but when you’re healthy it can actually be a super power.

So in the spirit of that super power, I thought I’d offer a few of my favourite life hacks. Suggestions for a better term are greatly appreciated.
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