I sometimes feel like I am poorly suited for the life that I lead – mother of four daughters (yes 4, and yes I’m glad they’re all girls); pastor/pastor’s wife (which is it?); full-time Practical Theologian (Laidlaw College, Christchurch NZ); cultivator of a substantial tract of land; and raiser of chickens (also 4). There’s a lot going on, and my head is full.

By nature I’m more a contemplative; I would have made a great hermit I suspect… if I didn’t believe in community so much. I crave space, some quiet space, some clean space, some white space. So that’s what this blog is all about. Maybe, hopefully, some of these thoughts will help you, or at least spur you to helpful thoughts of your own. Perhaps in these words you too will find some space, and in that space connect with something beyond yourself. That’s been my experience whenever I pause, seek stillness, and reflect.